IECEx CoPC Training

I officially confirm that ITS is authorized Assessment Centre for Trainor Certification, IECEx Certification Body from Norway. 

ITS will act as the Outsourced Assessment Centre to offer IECEx certifications on behalf of Trainor Certification in Korea.

ITS is permitted to conduct IECEx Assessments in Korea for the IECEx Unit Ex 000, Ex 001, Ex 002, Ex 003, Ex 004, Ex 006, Ex 007, Ex 008 and Ex 009.



  • Additional points applied when evaluating companies
  • Raising awareness of quality management and making it a habit
  • Establish a rational and efficient management system
  • Productivity improvement through systematic work execution
  • Secure quality competitiveness by establishing work system
  • Active and efficient means of preparing for domestic and foreign environmental changes
  • Responding to customer authentication requirements
  • Expansion into international and domestic markets


  • Raising goal awareness through performance analysis against policies and goals
  • Enhancement of corporate competitiveness by improving management constitution
  • Improved reliability through objective verification of management system
  • Customer satisfaction through prevention, removal of wasteful elements, and improvement
  • Increase sales and profits through technology accumulation and cost reduction
  • ISO 9001 system is the cornerstone of corporate innovation
  • Improved ability to actively cope with changes in production and business environment