ISO 14001(Environmental Management System)
The environmental management system sets environmental policies and targets to minimize the impact of the organization's products or services on the environment, and conducts activities to achieve them throughout the entire process of the organization's production and service provision. This is a requirement that must be met in order to be recognized internationally as an environmentally friendly company that operates.


  • Additional points applied when evaluating companies
  • Enhancing environmental management awareness and making it a habit
  • Establishment of environmental management system in preparation for WTO/GREEN ROUND
  • Relieve environmental risk
  • The trend of strengthening domestic and foreign environmental laws
  • Active and efficient means of preparing for domestic and foreign environmental changes
  • Responding to customer authentication requirements
  • Expansion into international and domestic markets


  • Raising goal awareness through performance analysis against policies and goals
  • Raw material and energy saving
  • Enhancement of competitiveness through improvement of environmental performance and cost reduction
  • Establishment of EMS standards (respond to environmental laws and regulations)
  • Improved reliability through objective verification of management system
  • Cultivation of rapid response capability in case of emergency
  • Enhancing the image of an eco-friendly company
  • Improved ability to actively cope with changes in production and business environment