ISO 45001(Safety and Health Management System)
ISO 45001 (Occupational Safety and Health Management System) converts from the previous safety manager-centered safety activities to activities involving the top management, all members of the organization, and stakeholders, and predicts and prevents risks that may occur in the workplace It is a system that systematically manages the company's profit creation and the safety of its members by protecting health and safety.


  • Coping with domestic and foreign environmental changes
  • Profit preservation through loss control
  • Recognition of limitations of post-processing, such as recovery of industrial accidents and accidents


  • Prevention of damage to human resources due to industrial accidents
  • Preparation for various laws and regulations
  • Motivation to build a safety and health management system for global public relations
  • Business process extension
  • Responsibility to the Stakeholder Group (NGO)
  • Help when entering overseas markets by removing trade barriers in the safety sector
  • Safety and health management awareness developed to the level of advanced countries
  • Improving productivity by improving workers' health and safety risks
  • Reduce the accident rate by managing and preventing risks in the workplace