ISO 22000(Food Safety Management System)
ISO 22000 must establish and implement management standards for PRP (priority requirements) and CCP (critical control points) by identifying legal requirements, customer requirements, process and product requirements, and possible harm. With the motto of'Farm to Table', it can be applied not only to agricultural, livestock, aquatic products, and processed foods, but also to all food-related organizations, including fertilizers, pesticides, related packaging materials and adhesives, and distribution stages required to produce them.


  • Additional points applied when evaluating companies
  • Raising food safety awareness and making it a habit
  • Establish a rational and efficient management system
  • Productivity improvement through systematic work execution
  • Secure competitiveness by establishing food manufacturing and management system
  • Active and efficient means of preparing for domestic and foreign environmental changes
  • Responding to customer authentication requirements
  • Expansion into international and domestic markets


  • Raising goal awareness through performance analysis against policies and goals
  • Enhancement of corporate competitiveness by improving management constitution
  • Improved reliability through objective verification of management system
  • Establish a systematic hygiene management system
  • Food production with hygiene and safety
  • Maximizing the efficiency of the hygiene management system
  • Improved ability to actively cope with changes in production and business environment