ISO 10002(Customer Satisfaction Management System)
The Customer Satisfaction Management System is a global standard management system standard developed by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) developed to effectively and efficiently handle customer complaints that may occur during all types of commercial or non-commercial activities of the organization.
ITS, the renowned Korean ISO certification reviewer, aims to cultivate internationally certified professional instructors and judges with global competitiveness for effective training and review of the ISO 10002 standard and customer satisfaction management system.


  • Diagnosis and operation verification of customer complaint handling process above global standards
  • Systematization of customer satisfaction management system operation and international certification through third-party audit
  • Organizational customer-centered management, customer satisfaction management system


  • Reinforcement of the organization's customer-centered management, internal and external representation and trust
  • Establish or reestablish an organization's customer-centered management system
  • Motivation of customer-oriented management within the organization and recognition of contributors