Personnel standard

Initial audit

(1st and 2nd stage)


(2nd stage)


(1, 2 or 2 stage)

01 ~ 20322
51 to 100523
101 to 300624
301 to 1,000734
1,001 ~ 2,000835
2,001 ~ 4,0001036
4,001 or moreIncrease as above

* The number of screening days (MD) means 8 hours per day, and includes lunch / appropriate breaks / administrative time (within 20% of the total time) to prepare for the review.

* Based on the number of employees of companies that fall within the scope of ISO 22716 certification. (Including non-regular workers, temporary workers, contract workers, etc.)

* The number of days for audit can be increased or decreased depending on the certification process of the submitted company when applying for certification. (This applies when submitting data.)
(For example , if you submit process charts, organization charts, personnel proof data, photos of products or services, etc., those who do not fall within the scope of certification will be excluded.)