ISO 22716 (Cosmetic good manufacturing practices)
As a guideline for the production, management, storage and shipment of cosmetics, it is applied to matters related to product quality, but it does not apply to all issues such as safety and environmental protection aspects of employees working in the factory.
Safety and environmental aspects are the sole responsibility of the company and may be subject to local laws and regulations.
In addition, this guideline cannot be applied to research and development activities and distribution of finished products.


  • Demand for ISO 22716 in the international market
  • Overcoming trade barriers caused by differences in industrial standards between countries
  • Ensuring the effectiveness and stability of cosmetics, and increasing the importance of quality
  • Acquiring ISO 22716 certification is essential as the importance of service quality increases due to intensifying competition in the market.


  • Raising goal awareness through performance analysis against policies and goals
  • Raw materials and energy savings due to excellent manufacturing standards
  • Improved competitiveness through improved performance and cost reduction
  • Establishment of cGMP standards (4 regulations)
  • Improved reliability through objective verification of management system
  • Cultivation of rapid response capability in case of emergency
  • Improving quality stability and quality innovation corporate image
  • Improved ability to actively cope with changes in production and business environment